Recently Updated Materials

Emergency Leave Total Hours Query (4-29-20)
This job aid gives instructions on running the query which provides total leave hours reported for employees in company UMN due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA) - Federal Emergency Leave Reason Reporting Form (4-23-20)
This job aid outlines how to complete the Federal Emergency Leave Reason Reporting Form.

Employee Absence Submissions Related to COVID-19 (4-13-20)
This new job aid is for employees who are not working due to COVID-19 and who need to report their absences due to Emergency Paid Leave for COVID-19 or Continuation of Pay of non-essential employees during COVID-19.

Continuation of Pay for Employees Who are Unable to Work Remotely During Extended Reduced Operations for COVID-19 (4-16-20)
An addition to the (3-27-20) version for has been made to this job aid to reflect the fact that "non-essential" employees unable to work remotely are able to request an absence that is Excused Paid and with Reason Emergency Reduced Operations. This job aid is for unit admins.

Creating a Job Opening (4-7-20) 
The Special Notice for COVID-19 posting description template has been added to page 6 of this guide.

Group Actions on Job Openings (3-27-20)
This job aid describes the steps to cancel, delete, or place on hold a group of job openings.

Emergency Paid Leave for COVID-19 (3-27-20)
This job aid outlines Emergency Paid Leave due to the COVID-19 for Employees. 

Hourly "Essential" Employee Pay Augmentation and Time Reporting During COVID-19 Campus Closure (3-26-20)
This job aid outlines pay augmentation of hourly "Essential" employees during the COVID-19 Campus Closures.

Student Worker Pay for Not Actively Working: Additional Pay During COVID-19 (3-26-20)
This job aid outlines student worker pay for those not actively working using Additional Pay during COVID-19. [Related job aid: Understanding Additional Pay Prorating.]

Campus and College Codes for "Spring Sem 2020 Undergrad Hrs" Query (3-26-2020)
This job aid lists the codes needed when using the query for student workers. See the related job aid: Student Worker Pay for Not Actively Working: Additional Pay During COVID-19.

Time Reporting Codes for COVID-19 (3-24-20)
Time Reporting Codes for COVID-19 are included.