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Absence Definitions Job Aid (11-15-16)

Academic Temp/Casual Appointments Job Aid (10-19-16)

Acting on Delegation Requests Job Aid (2-10-15)

Add a Person/Person of Interest Job Aid (8-31-15)

Add a Person/Person of Interest Field Names Definitions Job Aid (8-31-15)

Adding Multiple Position Numbers to Job Openings Job Aid (1-17-17)

Additional Pay Instructions Job Aid (1-12-17)

Address Entry and Maintenance Job Aid (9-22-17)

Anatomy of a Page: Absence Event Job Aid (9-7-17)

Anatomy of a Page: Elapsed Timesheet Job Aid (1-30-17)

Anatomy of a Page: Job Data Job Aid (10-11-17)

Anatomy of a Page: Prior Work Experience Job Aid (10-11-17)

Anatomy of a Page: Punch Timesheet Job Aid (1-30-17)

Anatomy of a Page: Recruiting Home Job Aid (8-28-17)

Anatomy of a Pay Statement Job Aid (6-7-17)

Applicant Comparison Matrix (3-20-17)

Applicant Disposition Requirements

Appointment Entry: Hire Field Names and Definitions Job Aid (1-17-17)

Appointment Entry: Hire Step by Step Job Aid (1-18-17)

Appointment Entry: New Hire Checklist Job Aid (10-29-15)

Appointment Entry: Terminating 9 Over 12 Employees Job Aid (3-20-17)

Approving Absence Request or Cancellation of Absence Request Job Aid (7-12-17)

Approving Timesheets Job Aid (11-15-16)

Assigning Work Schedules Job Aid (5-19-15)

Cashouts and Buydowns Job Aid (5-20-15)

Citizenship/Visa Data Job Aid (1-5-16)

Cloning a Job Opening Job Aid (8-17-17)

Cloning a Position Job Aid (2-20-17)

Completing the I-9 Form Job Aid (9-20-17)

Converting Overtime to Comp Time on Elapsed Timesheets Job Aid (5-13-15)

Creating and Managing Applicant Lists

Creating and Posting a Job Opening Job Aid (8-29-17)

Creating and Revoking Delegation Requests Job Aid (8-2-16)

Creating New Positions Job Aid (5-15-17)

Delegation Statuses and Request Statuses Job Aid (2-11-15)

Direct Retro Distribution: Step by Step Job Aid (3-30-16)

Distribution Funding Levels and Strategies Job Aid (11-17-14)

Editing or Cancelling an Absence Request Job Aid (7-12-17)

Effective Job Postings for Student Positions Job Aid (10-4-16)

Empl Class

Entering Appointments Manually Job Aid (5-15-15)

Entering Contract Details Job Aid  (12-3-15)

Entering UNS Appointments Job Aid (8-31-16)

Evaluating the Applicant Pool for a Job Opening (9-20-17)

Expected Job End Date Job Aid (10-11-17)

Faculty with Administrative Appointments Job Aid (11-3-15)

Faculty with Administrative Appointments: Next Steps Job Aid (11-9-15)

Faculty with Multiple Appointment Examples Job Aid (11-2-15)

Field Names and Definitions: Additional Pay Job Aid (10-16-17)

Field Names and Definitions: Contract Job Aid (10-16-17)

Field Names and Definitions: Create Job Opening Job Aid (8-29-17)

Field Names and Definitions: Create Tenure Data Job Aid (9-12-17)

Field Names and Definitions: Position Pages Job Aid (9-26-17)

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Calculations Job Aid (2-21-17)

Hire a Graduate Student/Assistant/TA/RA into a Non-Posted Job Job Aid (5-7-15)

Hiring a Retiree Job Aid (9-21-16)

HR Fall Planning Guide 2017 for HR Leads and HRMS End Users Manual (8-14-17)

HRMS Reporting Manual (4-6-17)

HRMS Training Checklist (5-25-17)

Internal and Direct Hires Job Aid (12-12-16)

Job Data (Position) Overrides in Additional Pay and Distribution Entry Job Aid (9-22-15)

Job Posting Guidelines

Layoff/Non-Renewal Job Aid (9-6-16)

Mass Routing Applicant Data Job Aid (9-29-16)

Modifying a Job Opening Job Aid (1-22-15)

My Monthly Schedule Job Aid (9-27-17)

9 and 10 Over 12 Month Appointments in HRMS Job Aid (5-19-15)

Overriding Funding Sources on Timesheets Job Aid (8-14-17)

Overview of Leaves of Absence

Payroll Verification Report: Anatomy of a Page Job Aid (2-10-16)

Phased Retirement Job Aid (9-7-16)

Pooled Positions Job Aid (10-13-14)

Position Management Approval Job Aid (3-27-17)

Prepare for Hire: Step by Step Job Aid (4-14-16)

Preparing a Job Offer Job Aid (12-3-14)

Preparing a Job Offer Field Names and Definitions Job Aid (12-3-14)

Queries and Reports for Additional Pay Job Aid (4-6-17)

Queries and Reports for Appointments Job Aid (4-11-17)

Queries and Reports for Payroll Validation and Reconciliation Job Aid (8-15-17)

Queries and Reports for Position Management Job Aid (4-6-17)

Queries and Reports for Recruiting Solutions Job Aid (8-23-17)

Queries and Reports for Time and Absence Job Aid (10-2-17)

Rate Codes on Job Data: Compensation Job Aid (5-24-16)

Reconcile Payroll Verification Report List Job Aid (2-10-16)

Rejecting and Corresponding with Applicants Job Aid (1-7-15)

Reporting Annual or Probationary Performance Reviews in HRMS Job Aid (2-27-17)

Reporting Shift on Timesheets Job Aid (3-10-15)

Reporting Time with Multiple Appointments Job Aid (9-19-17)

Retro Distributions Certified Approval Job Aid (7-9-15)

Rounding of Time on Timesheets Job Aid (2-23-15)

Routing Applicants to the Hiring Manager Job Aid (1-6-15)

Sabbatical Entry Job Aid (12-9-16)

Scheduling Interviews Job Aid (1-12-15)

Setting Up Distributions for Payroll Earnings Job Aid (6-8-15)

Setting Up UNS Funding Job Aid (6-8-15)

Standard vs. Continuous Job Posting Scenarios

Steps to Reporting Time Job Aid (12-31-14)

Submitting an Absence Request for Full Days Job Aid (10-19-16)

Submitting an Absence Request for Partial Days Job Aid (10-19-16)

Summer Teaching and Research Appointments (Includes May Sessions) - 2017 Manual (4-11-17)

Tenure and Continuous Data Job Aid (3-2-15)

Time & Absence Administrators Job Aid (9-20-16)

Time Reporting Codes Job Aid (4-19-17)

Timesheet Exceptions Job Aid (4-4-16)

Tips on Managing Time Reporting: Paid Holidays (5-11-16)

Understanding Additional Pay Prorating Job Aid (10-28-15)

Understanding Applicant Disposition Status Job Aid (9-19-16)

University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) Sabbatical Two-Year Option Job Aid (6-7-16)

Updating Existing Positions Job Aid (12-19-16)

Updating Existing Positions Reason Codes Job Aid (1-28-15)

Updating Position and Appointment Records Due to FLSA Changes Job Aid (12-19-16)

Using MyU for Direct Deposit or Address Changes Reference Guide (9-19-16)

Using Smart HR for Temp/Casual or Student Hires Job Aid (2-19-15)

Validating Payable Time Job Aid (2-27-15)

Variable Schedules for Employees in HRMS Job Aid (4-21-15)

Verify Absence Management Enrollment Job Aid (10-6-16)

View Employee Contact Information Job Aid (5-23-16)

View Employee Emergency Contact Job Aid (9-5-17)

View Employee Job Summary Job Aid (8-14-17)

View Payroll Accounting Distribution by Department Job Aid (12-29-14)

View Payroll Accounting Distribution by Employee Job Aid (1-8-15)

View Position Info Job Aid (12-29-14)

Viewing a Direct Retro Transaction Job Aid (3-22-16)

What Happened to Appointment Type and Term Job Aid (4-8-15)

Work Schedules in HRMS Job Aid (9-29-17)

Work Study Placement Job Aid (3-6-15)

Working with Job Offers Overview Job Aid (12-22-14)